Based in San Diego, Alias Games LTD. has two games in development at studios in its San Diego. Our vision is to expand brand awareness through creativity and by integrating wholly owned Intellectual Properties (IPs) in the online space and digital content arena. we are very happy to bring our latest title to the marketplace with Dimensional Battlecry, an online digital card game.

We believe as a company that elves and dwarves and dragons have been around for a while and we are planning something new. We have a vision of the game industry future which includes a more mature level of discourse, that conveys a sense of self and who we are as a society, where a great story can be told without the reliance on a quest text box.

Alias Games is prepared to take the hard path that so many companies have trod before it, and pave a grand new boulevard, where the red light district is just around the corner, the alleyways are just a bit too dark, and the guy in the doorway stares at you just a bit too long.