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2 Revelation

Prepare yourself for a voyage into an online multiplayer experience set in the heart of New York City during a time of Revelation.

Welcome to the world of 2 Revelation. Armed with nothing but belief and persistence, as your character is thrust into the fold of Armageddon in its most dire form. The seven seals of revelation have been opened and the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse descend to the realms of man to exact the will of the Divine. The world as we know it is stricken with chaos as the human race is confronted with the error of its ways by ethereal judgment. The sky is darkened to a perpetual night, and the sun is blotted out completely. The city itself is wrought with turmoil; its population immediately divided into two groups based on their faith.

The "Saved" as they call themselves - a group of mortals who are pure of faith and heart, true believers in the flesh. They are Divine children who willingly accept the second coming of their heavenly patriarch. They are those who prey and believe in their creator. They recognize the error of their ways and repent for divine salvation.

They are the chosen.

And the "Damned" as they are called - a group of mortals who simply had not believed. Mortals who lack morals, commit crimes, lead scandalous lives of deception and greed, or simply those who will never believe. They are those who harbor despair instead of hope. They disregard the ways of the divine and focus on self-preservation, or humanity.

They are the forsaken.